How To: Disable Traction Control on Camry Hybrid / Prius

Posted by admin On เมษายน - 21 - 2013 12 Comments

A full walkthrough of the issue at hand and the steps to resolve it. I still think a simple button would be MUCH EASIER.

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  1. ivanorstar พูดว่า:

    you guys are lucky that your cars come with VSC. even our latest camry doesn’t have VSC. anyway its worth trying…

  2. shamrocketeer พูดว่า:

    I used this today on my 2007 Camry Hybrid. Seriously saved my butt!! I was going NOWHERE this morning with 4 inches of unplowed fresh snow here in NH…and I had to get to work 20 miles away. I NEVER comment on YouTube videos, but in this case I owed a big thanks for getting me to work today. I wouldn’t have even made it out my street without this video. No joke. You are a modern day good samaritan! Thanks!

  3. sonofcon พูดว่า:

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! You just saved my butt! My wife just called to say she was stuck and couldn’t get home. I took my 4Runner out and figured we would just switch. Wrong. The traction control is brutal! I’m assuming the lack of switch is meant to protect the hybrid system from excessive revs. Whatever.. I watched your video on my phone, tried it on my wife’s 07 Camry Hybrid and got it home. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment on here but this was huge! Thanks again.

  4. 135yota พูดว่า:

    My wife’s Camry has a Trac off button. This is cool man. I have a video to do this for the RAV4. Anyone with, or know anyone with, at least a 2006 and up AWD RAV4 and they need to do this, check out my video and comment if it helped. Very easy to follow and I held camera on the instructions for you to follow. Also did as this nice guy did and went through the procedure. Its a life saver. My car would do as this Camry…floor it in deep snow and just sit there.

  5. DaMan0591 พูดว่า:

    In case you don’t want to listen to all the commentary, the method is:

    Put the car in accessory power (press the start button twice without the brake)
    Floor it twice in Park
    Floor it twice in Neutral
    Floor it twice in Park

    You will see “FWD Maintenance Mode” on the screen and you’re good to start the car. The brake can be pressed at any time during this procedure. The car will be back to normal at next start.

    Thanks tailerdeal

  6. tailerdeal พูดว่า:

    idk. if it doesnt have a button to turn the t/c off its worth a try anyway.

  7. excell1989 พูดว่า:

    Does this work for the Camry le 07 as well?

  8. weinerschnitzelboy พูดว่า:

    Wow, This is a lot harder than doing this on Lexus’. Since Lexus’ are made by Toyota, you might think it is the same. For Lexus’ you just keep your foot on the brake, push the ignition, stomp on the brake twice, stomp on the parking brake twice, stomp on the brake again twice. The steps for this Camry seem crazy hard!

  9. Austin Kinser พูดว่า:

    I’ve done it in my Prius before too, the same exact thing happened to me too though, I was going up a snowy hill and it just stopped and that orange slip light kept blinking. I had my foot all the way down to the floor and the engine revved a little bit but the wheels wouldn’t spin.

    Toyota says it has aggressive TC because the electric motors have lots of torque, and they don’t want to over rev them I guess? Over spinning could damage the hybrid system supposedly.

  10. tailerdeal พูดว่า:

    no problem man. just makes me mad, a simple button would have been ALOT easier.

  11. ndooorh พูดว่า:

    thank you man u are a saver went to toyota they didnt know what the f im talking about and i saw your video and i said ill give it a try and it worked thank you again and you are a life saver